Jan 8, 2012

Problems in Apple iOS user interface

After error 8288 was resolved and iOS 3.1 was successfully installed in my iPod touch 1st Generation device, I noticed some shortcomings in iOS 3.1 user interface (UI). I had mailed those to Apple as well.

Please note that the maximum possible upgrade for my iPod is upto iOS version 3.1 only. So some of the shortcomings listed here might have been taken care of in the next iOS versions. 

Still I am sharing those here.

1) Calculator: In the calculator, = button is far bigger than + button. Same is the case with normal calculator and in scientific calculator which opens up after tilting the iPod.

Now in my opinion, + button should be the biggest one amongst all other buttons. Most users use calculator for additions and hit = sign only at the end. On an average, for every 8 to 10 + button clicks, there would only be one = button click. So user friendliness demands that + button should be bigger than = button.

Not only while doing additions, but in any calculations, = button is normally pressed very rarely as compared to other functions. 

Even in the case of normal calculators like Casio or Citizen calculators, + button is the biggest one. 

Just check your normal desktop keyboard's numeric keypad and you will see that the + button is the largest one.

I don't know what may have prompted Apple to design the calculator in such a way.

2) Photo Slideshow: 
Photo slideshow is possible only from the first photo in an album and that too before selecting any specific photo. Even if the first photo is selected, it is not possible to start the slideshow. 

So if I am browsing through the album and midway through I feel that I should put the remaining album on slideshow mode, it is not possible. 

3) Restrictions Feature: Have you tried using "Restrictions" feature which is available from the menu Settings > General and then clicking on Restrictions?

Logically speaking, any type of restrictions are either for parental control or for protecting the sensitive data. To view the protected data or to use the protected application, you must know the password. When the protected data is viewed after entering the password and the application is closed after that, the application should remain protected and ask for the password again when the next time it is opened. 

Surprisingly it is not the case here. Restricting any feature here completely blocks that application and the icon of that application completely disappears from the home screen. To use that application again, you need to remove the restriction again by going to the same menu Settings > General > Restrictions 

Doing this completely removes the restriction and you need to follow the same process to restrict that again. 

See the screenshots below where I tried to put the password lock for opening Safari to restrict the internet access. 

In the screenshots above, I selected OFF for Safari and Safari icon disappeared from the home screen. 

Then to browse the internet again, I needed to turn the Safari ON from the same menu and then Safari icon reappeared on the home screen as per the screenshots below. 

I am neither a software programmer nor the design expert. This is just a feedback from the normal end user point of view. 

P.S.: Wondering how these screenshots were captured and/or transferred to the computer? Please get in touch with me or wait for the next post.


  1. Hey I am just one of those normal Apple users. Only tried to share my views with the larger audience.
    BTW, what are your views on iOS user interface discussed here? Off course, you would be able to comment on that only if your son lets you handle your device taking a break from Angry Birds. :)


  3. You can do that from iTunes store. Most of the games and apps need higher iOS version though. What is your current iOS version?

  4. For most games and apps, you need latest iOS version installed. If you have that, then you can purchase and download using iTunes through your desktop

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