Jul 24, 2012

A Two Legged Dog in Nagpur

Yesterday morning while going to office, I had to slow down my car since a two legged dog was crossing the road. I am seeing this dog since last 2-3 months in my area, but yesterday its efforts to cross the road in the morning traffic touched my heart. I clicked some pictures from my mobile camera. Have a look at this dog. 

Right now I am not aware how this happened to him, whether it was an accident or due to some disease or by birth. I will try to find out from the nearby residents soon. 

Now, the basic laws of nature are "Survival of the Fittest" and "Struggle for Existence". This dog is certainly not the fittest, but his struggle for existence was amazing. A naturally four legged animal doesn't have to learn balancing on two legs like humans. His rear legs seems to have come to front from one side of his body and as a result, the body posture isn't perfect to balance the body on two legs. But this doggy has learnt to balance on two legs.

Looking at other dogs in the surrounding area, this dog also must have been feeling that he is not like others who can run. He can't chase the running cars. He can't even lift one of his rear legs to pee. So he has to curb all his natural instincts.

So the thought came to my mind that even if he is a dog, there is a lot to learn from him. We humans always complain about our health problems. Some have headaches, acidity, painful neck, back, knees, so on and so forth. But when we look at other people in this world and even at animals like these, we tend to feel that we are in a far better position than others. Similarly we always compare ourselves with others and that is the major reason of unhappiness. This dog is physically not even 10% in strength than other dogs, but his will power is wonderful.

I will try to help this poor animal and will have to look for the NGOs and doctors in Nagpur for this. People may feel that when there are so many humans in this world that need help, why to help these animals. But being a part of nature, I am of the opinion that every element of nature is vital for the balance and we need to extend our humanity to other species as well.


  1. i am from nagpur
    i remember having spotted him somewhere near pratap nagar
    wished 2 help him back then but moved out of nagpur back then
    if you can really arrange something for him or i can be of some help it wuld be a pleasure

  2. You've got a heart of Gold. Keep it up.


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