May 1, 2021

Send WhatsApp Message without Saving a number in Contacts' List

We often get into a situation, when some unknown person asks us to send a message on WhatsApp. It may be a plumber or an electrician or a delivery boy or someone else of this kind. We don't interact with these persons often and hence we don't need to have their mobile numbers saved in our contacts list. But they ask us to send our address or anyone's contact number or our current location, or UPI payment screenshot on their WhatsApp number. For doing this, most of us first save their mobile number in our Phonebook and then go to WhatsApp to send the required details. While this also an acceptable way, the flipside of this is that we expose our DP, last seen time and personal pictures in WhatsApp statuses to an unknown person. While this may also be prevented by adjusting certain privacy settings, most of us don't do that. We don't even bother to block them from our WhatsApp, after our task is finished. This exposes us to a risk of privacy breach.

There is a better way to do all this, without saving their number in our Contacts list. And it's pretty simple! Also, it's a facility officially given by WhatsApp. So there is no 3rd party app involved here.  

All you have to do is to open your mobile browser like Chrome. In the address bar, type the URL as under:

Here 91 is the country code of India. You may change it based on the recipient's ISD code. Please do not add "+" before the country code. After the country code, XXXXXXXXX is the mobile number of the intended recipient.  You may copy this number in someone has sent it to you on WhatsApp or email. Just make sure that you copy only the 10 digit mobile number (for India), without any space in between. Once this is typed, press enter. 

It would redirect to a screen as shown in this screenshot. Just click on "Continue to Chat" and it would open in your WhatsApp. You may continue from here on, with your normal chat with that person. 

As I have said earlier, it's a facility officially given by WhatsApp. In the redirected URL (which you can see in this screenshot also), the domain name is only. So it's perfectly safe!


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