Nov 16, 2011

Nokia E5 firmware version 81.004

Today Nokia released a new firmware version 81.004 for its business series smartphone E5. Software version date is 22nd October 2011.

I have upgraded the firmware over the air (OTA) today itself. 

There is no "what's new" type information available on the internet yet. Neither I have come across any release notes.

I haven't noticed any new features yet. So there might be only bug fixes in this upgrade. The user interface seems to be a bit faster than what it was earlier. But that can just be a perception. 

I will post if I notice any new feature which I might have missed out. 


  1. Hey dude...I yesterday updated to ver 81.004 in my E5 via OTA. but since then I'm facing a prb that I'm not getting video playback on my device since it can be recorded easily in my device and also can be viewed easily in PC by copying it in....But it is unable to play on my device...Whn i contacted Nokia Care personally they told me that yet they have not got Updates in E5 of ver 81.004.. it is only available via OTA and might be all drivers r not provided...SO i may be facing this prblem...R u also facing same prblm?

  2. Hello Mr. Anonymous,

    I am able to play You Tube videos on my device. I anyways don't record any videos on my E5. So haven't tested recording part. If you can share how to record videos, I will test that and post an update. Please mention your name next time when you comment.


  3. I can play youtube videos...also i can play video on Smart Movie Software...But it is unable to play on default video player or real player

  4. Default video player and real player both are working fine for me. So it has nothing to do with the latest upgrade. You may try to restore factory settings. This may fix the bug, if any. Nokia care is not much helpful, many a times. You have to find the solutions for your problems on your own. I also had to do it on 3-4 occasions. I will post about those work arounds in a separate post later. And you haven't mentioned your name. If you want to get in touch with me, use Contact Us form above.

  5. But problem is that I have forgot the Lock is not default as 12345 or 00000.. SO u know how to reset it again? Mail me on

  6. I am not aware about resetting the security code. You need to visit nearest Nokia Care for that.

  7. hey my name is Tony
    Now I'm having my first software update since the purchase from 0.42.007 to 0.82.004 via Nokia Sotfware Updater because it didn't work from phone maybe because that the update version file is 190mb!
    Hopefully this version would improve my phone's performance...
    Hopefully no ERRORS...
    Wish me luck Sandeep

  8. hi its tony again
    no problems with video recording and viewing
    it looks fastest so is everything in this new version :)

  9. Hi Tony,

    Good that you upgraded your Nokia E5 with the latest version 81.004 without any hassles. I didn't find any difference though. There might be only bug fixes. I haven't seen any official Change Log yet.


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