Sep 20, 2011

Remove Blank Space in Blogger Posts below Comments Box

If your blog is hosted on blogger, you may find that there is a blank space at the end of the post, just below the "Post a Comment" box.  

That space is because of the default height of the comment form and is usually harmless, but it is troublesome if your have enabled the backlinks for the comments. And if you have Ads by Google enabled at the end of the post, the user might not notice the ad after reading the post because of this blank space and you might lose some valuable clicks.

However, there is a workaround for this.

The steps are as under:

1) Take the backup of your template before editing the HTML code.

2) Go to Blogger Dashboard (new interface)

3) Click on Template tab

4) Click on Edit HTML

5) Click on Proceed

6) Tick the box at the top to Expand Widget Templates.

7) Search for the words "data:post.commentFormIframeSrc" in your code. You will find these words at 2 places in the code.

8) In the very next lines to those words at both the places, you will find the attribute "height="

9) Change its value to 250 at both the places

10) Preview your blog

11) Save the template if it is looking fine. Else undo the changes or restore the backup taken in step 1.

Now that blank space should not be appearing. Happy Blogging!!!


  1. This was really useful. I used it on my blog because on individual posts it kept having all that extra space. Thank you!


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