Sep 2, 2011

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Poor Connectivity in Nagpur

I am using Reliance Netconnect broadband+ in Nagpur in the heart of the city since March 2010. I was getting proper connectivity at my billing address till March 2011. Since then I am getting very poor or no broadband connectivity at home. If I set my dialler settings on Broadband+ mode, then I don't get the signal strength. If I set that to Hybrid mode, I get 1x connectivity.  

I have raised so many complaints with Reliance since then. Their response was shocking. After using that service for more than 1 year, they simply say that my area is not covered under HSD (High Speed Data) coverage area. When I check the coverage map on their website here , I can see that they have a cell site in Trimurti Nagar, Nagpur and the air distance from my home to Trimurti Nagar is not even 1 km. 

Interesting thing is that after every complaint, even though Reliance says that my area is not under HSD coverage, I get proper connectivity for a few days and then the problem recurs. Even for a few days when I get the broadband connectivity, the speed drops drastically after 10pm since their night unlimited plans start from 10pm.

I would be posting some more grievances against different agencies in the time to come. Check for the "Grievances" label on this website.
Update on September 11, 2011
Again got the similar reply on email. It is as follows:
"Kindly note that currently there is no network coverage in the mentioned location. We regret the inconvenience caused to you."
Update on September 14, 2011
Earlier, I was referring to a Reliance Broadband+ network coverage map from and was telling them that Trimurti Nagar cell site is nearest to me. That map is shown below. The green cloud is supposed to be the Broadband+ coverage area. Still they were saying that my area is not covered. 

Then I referred to the map from using the appropriate options on the left hand side and selecting the Nagpur Municipal Corporation Area in the last field for Town/Village. I found that there is more cell site that is nearer to me located at Ring Road. The screen shot is shown beside.

With these additional details, I called them again and told them that there are two cell sites nearer to me. Then the problem got finally identified . The executive checked in his system and informed me that there is a problem in Ring Road site and the target date of fixing the same as per their system is 31st October 2011.  And since that cell site was nearest to me, I was facing continuous problems. Then I asked him why in the first place, they were simply saying that my area is not under HSD coverage? The executive had no answer. Then I said that I am paying unnecessary rental since March 2011 for broadband and getting 1x connectivity. Then he said that Reliance would give me a rental rebate of Rs. 200 per month for the maximum of 2 months only. So I got Rs. 400 as rebate. Hoping that the problem would be sorted out soon. Though they were non-committal on email about the target date of 31st October. 

Update on 9th November 2011
Connectivity is somewhat better than what it was earlier. Occasionally at night, I am again getting 1x connectivity. Got a call from Reliance to check whether I am facing any problem. I informed them about the problems and  that I am not completely sure whether the target date of 31st October was adhered to or not. Now they have sanctioned me a rental rebate of Rs. 200 per month for a full 1 year. I am happy that finally I was able to identify the problem on my own and might get them fixed from my service provider.

Update on 19th November 2011

Getting poorest possible speed on broadband at my home. Called Reliance again. The executive asked me to check the speed on 

Results are on

Got the speed of 0.07 Mb/s  They are giving me rental rebate of Rs.400 for October 2011 and November 2011. Ring Road cell site is still under congestion and expected resolution time is extended upto 30th November 2011.


  1. Thanks for warning me before hand. I was thinking of buying reliance netconnect. I will indeed have to reconsider now.

  2. OMG...what a poor customer care....good that you have alerted us...

  3. I too experience poor speeds after 10 pm. But such a response from Customer care is pathetic. Did you escalate the complaint?

  4. yes I already have raised the complaint so many time and their network department had called me many a times. They simply say that my area is not under HSD coverage.

  5. See the updates in the article above for the solution to this problem.

  6. I was areliance customer post paid net connection but not giving good responce from customer care at nagpur i had been disconnected . but i wish to rejoin prepaid plan please send me your valuable comments to may e-mal address .


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