Sep 6, 2015

EESL Distributing 7 W LED Bulbs through MAHADISCOM @Rs.100

Yesterday, we came to know that MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited) or MAHADISCOM is distributing 7W LED Bulbs for Rs. 100 through it's various offices in Nagpur. To start with, it was hard to believe, since the cost of 7W LED Bulb in open market is approximately Rs. 400 each. When we went to the MSEDCL counter, we noticed the huge rush there, even though at least I haven't seen any major advertising campaign to promote this scheme. Under this scheme, each customer can purchase a maximum of 4 LED bulbs, by producing the copy of latest electricity bill and ID proof like Aadhaar Card in the name of the customer with same address. Even the instalment scheme starting from Rs. 10 per month per bulb is available, for which you need to pay Rs. 5 extra. What else do you want? We purchased 4 LED bulbs by paying Rs.400 upfront. The bulbs that we got are manufactured by Orient and they come with 3 year warranty as well. 

This is a an excellent initiative by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji. In an article on his website (click here for the link), he has mentioned that it is much more economical to conserve power, than to produce power. However, he has added that it is much more difficult to conserve power, than to produce power, because while one producing entity can produce a large quantity of power, it requires an active participation from crores of people to conserve that amount of power. Therefore, he has called for generating awareness among people for the same. He has called for extensive involvement of celebrities and eminent citizens in these programmes, who could motivate people to adopt LED bulbs. So I am involving myself by writing this article, being an eminent citizen :)

Moreover, the cost of each bulb is not coming down only due to any Government Subsidy, which is always detrimental to the economy, but the price is less also due to bulk procurement directly from the manufacturers. 

The estimated annual saving per year is around Rs.162. This means that the payback period of a bulb costing Rs. 100 is around 7.5 months, the warranty being 3 years and expected life being much more than that. So it is the direct saving for each household. Moreover, environmental benefits are huge reducing the overall carbon footprint as well. Indeed, our PM is a visionary. The scale of this project can be understood once you know the numbers. 7 crore LED bulbs (70 million) are being distributed in Maharashtra alone. 

MoS (Independent Charge) for Power and Coal, Shri Piyush Goyal ji also deserves the applause for implementing this scheme.

MSEDCL also has warned that if any person gets caught re-selling these LED bulbs, then penal action will be taken.

You are requested to share this post so that more and more number of people are aware and we can maximise the benefits of this scheme. 

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